Types of Gun Safes

Types Of Gun Safes

Types Of Gun SafesWe all know that guns can protect us from any kind of danger, especially from robbers and intruders. Knowing this fact makes the gun more important than any other thing as you also have to keep and maintain it properly as well. In addition, when you keep a gun at your home, you must keep it in a place which is not easily accessible. With that being said, only a gun safe can keep your gun safe. With a gun safe, you can easily lock it up in a safe place while restricting any unauthorized access. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the 10 types of gun safes, which you can buy for keeping your gun locked at your home. So, let’s move forward and read the article carefully.

Biometric Gun Safe

A biometric gun safe is one of the most advanced gun safes in the world. With a biometric gun safe, you can keep your gun while maintaining a maximum level of security. A biometric gun safe works utilizing your fingerprints, meaning that the probability of having the same fingerprints is about 1 in 64 million. In that sense, your fingerprints will work as an access code, which is also an extremely low-risk alternative.

Fireproof and Waterproof Gun Safe

A fireproof and waterproof gun safe is always handy since a fireproof gun safe is made of steel. As a matter of fact, a fireproof gun safe made of steel will only melt at a temperature of 2750F. Therefore, you can easily store your precious item at home.

In-Wall Gun Safe

In-wall gun safe is mounted on the wall and it doesn’t function like other portable safe alternatives. However, you can use this type of gun safes for various purposes such as keeping your stationery items along with your gun. Additionally, if you keep your gun with other items, you can keep it hidden properly. The only drawback of this gun safe is you cannot move it into other paces. Other than this thing, an in-wall gun safe comes with a wide range of locking options including an electric keypad, combination lock, fingerprint, etc.

Hidden Gun Safe

Types Of Gun SafesWhen you buy a hidden gun safe, you will wonder – is it a gun safe? Because a hidden gun safe doesn’t appear as a gun safe. Often, it looks like a regular piece of furniture. The thing is s hidden gun safe is made in such a way that it won’t attract anyone attention. For example – a hidden gun safe can appear as a mirror or a picture frame. With a hidden gun safe, you can keep your gun hidden in plain sight.

Car Gun Safe

Likewise the in-home bolt down safes, a car gun safe is not secure as this type of safe. But if you consider your unsecured glove box, you must use it as they will keep your gun secure. Typically, a car gun safe is designed for a single handgun and they are a good alternative for traveling on the road.

Under the Bed Gun Safe

A gun safe like the under the bed gun safe will act as a sliding drawer beside your bed. You can hold or keep this type of gun underneath your bed as well. The installation is easy and you can retrieve your gun quickly from an under the bed gun safe.

Heavy Duty Gun Safe

A heavy-duty gun safe has a weight of more than 1200 lbs. For this reason, a not even big group of thugs can store your heavy duty gun safe. As for the security, a heavy duty gun safe is equipped with a total of 18 (1-1/2 inch) solid steel bolts. These bolts are matched with a gear drive lock system, which makes them more powerful against punching or drill attacks.

Corner Gun Safe

Types Of Gun SafesA corner gun safe is like a traditional gun safe, but it is designed to sit directly in the corner of a room. In case, you cannot install a wall safe or if you don’t have space in your room, you can buy and install a corner gun safe easily.

Truck Gun Safe

With a truck gun safe, you can keep your gun hidden in your truck. However, the truck gun safes are more useful for keeping handguns and rifles.

Nightstand Gun Safe

A nightstand gun safe is a small handgun safe, which works a double hidden gun safe. It’s secure, hidden, and easily accessible.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above-mentioned gun safes serve different purposes and they are effective in their own right. Regardless of which gun safe, you will choose, you will always be able to keep your gun safe in them. So, let us know which gun safe you would prefer by commenting below.