Trail Camera Maintenance Tips: Beginners Should Know

Trail Camera Maintenance Tips

If you love spending time in wilderness, you might want to capture the precious moments from your wilderness journey. In that sense, a trail camera is a perfect device to take pictures from any place at any time. However, like all devices, a trail camera needs proper and regular maintenance. In fact, without regular maintenance, your device will not last long. In addition, when you go into the wildness, you will see many hazardous environment.  

At the same time, you don’t have to do maintenance every now and then. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the best tips for trail cameras. These tips will help everybody, especially the beginners to do proper maintenance on their device. Let’s move forward and read the article carefully. 

Trail Camera Maintenance Tips Beginners Should Know  

Trail Camera Maintenance TipsLikewise traditional cameras, all trail cameras need cleaning and checking the parts regularly. Also, you have to replace the batteries on a regular interval. However, the trail camera maintenance can be tricky as it involves some sophisticated observations. So, here are some useful tips for trail camera maintenance.  

  1. You must do regular maintenance

As we have said you should do regular maintenance of your trail camera, it is of utmost importance that you do it in the right way with the right equipment.  

  1. You should carry out the maintenance work during the middle of the day

According to the experts, you should carry out your maintenance during the afternoon, which is in the middle of the day. At this time, you will see less activity in the wilderness. On the other hand, the peak hour in the wilderness is the night time and the early morning time. In that case, the middle of the day is when you can do your maintenance. In case, your camera includes a weak battery, it will be better if you take it back to your home to charge your battery.  

  1. You should do your maintenance from outside to the inside

When you are doing maintenance work for your trail camera, it should be from outside to the inside. Initially, you need to scan to look for any sign of exterior damage. After setting up the camera, you can take a picture of anything to make sure you can compare it when you retrieve your camera. It will allow you to do maintenance quickly. 

Also, you should do maintenance for exterior scratches such as saliva or bite marks. You need to clean the lens as they might be dirty. If you see your camera is damaged, you can change the position after setting it up. In addition to these works, you must replace the buckles and straps provided that they are damaged.  

  1. You should do maintenance for pest control

Trail Camera Maintenance TipsPest is sometimes considered as a bigger problem than any other animals. They could easily find their way to inside your camera and damage the wires or internal parts of the camera. In that case, you can spray a layer of the insecticides on your trail camera before going to the wilderness. However, you should buy insecticides, which is odorless. Otherwise, they would scare off the animals instantly.  

  1. You must check battery while doing maintenance

While doing maintenance of trail camera, we often forget about the battery. But, it’s a vital component of your camera. For example – if you are doing a scientific study, your battery needs to be in tip-top condition. So, when you have retrieved your camera, you must check the battery percentage and recharge it before taking to the wilderness. 

  1. You must clean your lens to ensure proper maintenance

Another major component of your camera is the lens. Dirt, dust, saliva can easily affect the quality of your lens. In fact, it will waste your time as you will have a series of blur images from the camera. Therefore, you should pick some microfiber clothes and take some cleaning liquid. After that, you should clean the lens at least once a day to ensure the quality of the image intact.  


We waste our money when we don’t take proper care of our belongings. In that sense, a trail camera is an expensive investment and it has a very short lifespan. So, use our above tips and keep your trail camera in great condition.