How to Oil a Ceiling Fan

How to Oil a Ceiling Fan

If you are an avid user of an electric ceiling fan, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can oil a ceiling fan. And we are pretty sure after reading this article, you will have no qualms about oiling your fan. So, let’s move forward and find out more about how ceiling fan work and how to properly maintain them, you can also learn more about that in this ceiling fan blog.

A ceiling fan is always a great investment for home or for office. It even creates a pleasant environment within the room with its color and design. Since a ceiling fan is a vital component of any household or officer, you need to make sure it is in a tip-top condition. To achieve that you have to maintain it perfectly. To be precise, you need to oil the ceiling fan regularly so that it provides soothing air every day.

Now, oiling an electric fan is not a hard thing to do. It involves a simple procedure where you need to follow some steps. The most amazing thing is if you oil a ceiling accurately, it will run at its optimum capacity. And, the lifespan of the fan will increase dramatically. But, now comes the question – what do you need to oil a ceiling fan? Basically, there are different types of electric fan, which requires different equipment with alternate ways to maintain and repair. The below table includes different types of fans and its required maintenance strategy:

Type of Fan Maintenance Required
Cast iron ceiling fan This type of fan needs periodic oiling like once or twice in a year.
Stack motor fan A stack motor fan requires occasional oil checks with occasional flywheel cleaning for removing dust and general residue buildup.
Direct drive fan Likewise to stack motor fan, a direct drive fan needs occasional oil checks once in a year with motor cleaning once a year.
Belt driven fan This fan need periodic functionality check and belt cleaning like once or twice in a year.
Friction drive fan The friction drive fan requires periodic flywheel and motor cleaning.

Steps to oil a ceiling fan

How to Oil a Ceiling FanStep-one: The first step to oil a ceiling fan is to locate the oil hole. You can locate it by looking on the top of the motor, which is close to the down rod. You can identify it easily as it is labeled.

Step-two: Now, you should insert the WD-40 straw into the oil hole and spray a specific amount of oil. It will remove the dirt or grime from the bearings. After that, you have to allow the WD-40 to dry and thus, evaporate for one or two hours before beginning your work.

Step-three: At this stage, you will fill out the oil reservoir with one or two ounces of oil.

Step-four: In the next step, you will spin the rotor manually, which rotating the blades with your hand. You have to let the fan spin for several revolutions.

Step-five:In the last step, you will fill out the reservoir completely with oil until it gets full to its capacity. You have to be careful and watch attentively to ensure you are not pouring oil out of the reservoir. When the reservoir is full, it will overflow onto the top of the motor. In that case, you will have to wipe off any excess oil using a dry cloth.

Bottom Line

The bottom Line is a ceiling fan needs proper maintenance for delivering a strong performance. All you need is to follow the right procedure and using the equipment accurately. We believe the above steps will help you in oiling your ceiling fan. So, let us know what you think about the oiling procedure of a ceiling fan by commenting below.