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Welcome to the STID France

April 4, 2017

We are welcoming you to the presentation site of DUT STID (Statistics and Business Intelligence), which is a 12 department faculty in France.

STID / SFDS Award for the Best Internship in Data Science 2017

Each year, the French Society of Statistics and the STID France association nominates and the awards the winner for the best internship in Data Science. The second year students are eligible for this award and recognition. You should note that students with satisfactory performance in report receive this award. The winner will have the chance to showcase his or her talent and work during the Journées de la Statistique.

In 2017, the award for the best internship in Data Science has been won by Riwal Corbel. He is from STID Carcassonne. He was awarded the prize because of his internship performance at Guingamp Hospital where he set up a specific tool to report emergency arrivals beforehand.

2017 STID Teaching Days in Sophia Antipolis

In order to reflect on the educational aspects of STID teaching, we want to say – Thank You to the Sophia Antipolis for hosting the 2017 STID Teaching Days where 40 teachers from various departments congregated enthusiastically.

Publication of job offers

Two forums have been created to commence the function of the old site.

  1. The first forum is dedicated to job offers where the students will get insights on different job posting and job news.
  2. The second forum will enlighten and inform the students about internship program and work-study offers.

Group STID France on LinkedIn

Aside from the forum, STID France has opened a dedicated group on LinkedIn where all students can get along with themselves and the alumnus of the STID France. If you go through the following link, you can access the group.

When it comes to publishing a new job post or an internship offer, you should not hesitate to follow or post on the group. You can even discuss new topics or project works regarding decision-making statistics on the group.

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