BB Gun Or Airsoft Gun: Which Is the Best for Hunting?

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  • May 6, 2014
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BB Gun Or Airsoft Gun

When it comes to choosing a specific gun between an airsoft and BB gun, you might have split choices. The thing is both guns are useful for hunting but they serve different purposes. So, in this article, we are going to talk about these guns in detail and put forward an expert opinion on which is the best gun for hunting. So, let’s have a peek at the article.

What Is An Airsoft Gun?

BB Gun Or Airsoft GunAlthough an airsoft gun has similar ties to traditional BB guns, they have unique differences from them. An airsoft gun is much more effective from distance. This type of gun is more powerful and dangerous as well. In fact, you will see replicas of a wide range of real guns.

What Is a BB gun?

A BB gun is an air-powered gun, which shoots round. Sometimes, it can have pointed pellets, which are made of metal. If you use a BB gun, you can shoot farther than an airsoft gun. They are specifically used for hunting, especially the birds.

The major differences between a BB gun and an Airsoft gun

  1. BB Gun Or Airsoft GunBB guns have been used to hunt birds and animals for a long time, which why they are called ‘BB gun.’ However, a lot of people label airsoft guns as BB guns as they shoot a plastic BB. But, they are not called by the same name as it is inherited for BB guns.
  2. All BB guns have a shooting range of 4.5 mm or .177 caliber steel BB. However, some guns have lead BBs.
  3. BB guns are also used for target practice and training sessions. In addition, people used them for pest control.
  4. All airsoft guns have a shooting range of 6mm plastic BB. Here, the weight depends on the type of work in which they are being used. You will also see large caliber airsoft gun, but they are not regularly used for hunting.
  5. Airsoft guns are a popular choice for any type of tactical simulation games. But, people also used them to practice and train shooting. Even IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) arranges Airsoft leagues and competitions for professional hunters.
  6. For propulsions, both the BB and Airsoft guns utilize Gas or CO2, and Air. They are made of different materials, which is dependent on the grade and purpose of using the gun.

BB gun vs. Airsoft gun: Which gun is safer?

Comparatively, an airsoft gun is safer than a BB gun. The reason is a BB gun shoots an ammo at a faster rate than an airsoft gun. Now, this ammo is made of sharp materials, which can pierce any skin. In fact, with a right amount of ammo, speed, and placement, the BB gun will kill both humans and animals. They have tendencies for ricocheting. On the other hand, an airsoft gun will not kill anyone as the ammo within the gun is made of soft plastic. For this reason, airsoft guns are much safer than a BB gun. They are very popular among the hunters for their safety and appeal.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is both the BB gun and the airsoft gun are extremely useful. Although they have a different price range, they serve unique hunting purposes. People will have a varied opinion about them but we would like you to consider the above differences and reflect on our opinion highly. So, let us what you think of these guns by sharing thoughts in the comments section!