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Welcome to the STID France

April 4, 2017

We are welcoming you to the presentation site of DUT STID (Statistics and Business Intelligence), which is a 12 department faculty in France.

STID / SFDS Award for the Best Internship in Data Science 2017

Each year, the French Society of Statistics and the STID France association nominates and the awards the winner for the best internship in Data Science. The second year students are eligible for this award and recognition. You should note that students with satisfactory performance in report receive this award. The winner will have the chance to showcase his or her talent and work during the Journées de la Statistique.

In 2017, the award for the best internship in Data Science has been won by Riwal Corbel. He is from STID Carcassonne. He was awarded the prize because of his internship performance at Guingamp Hospital where he set up a specific tool to report emergency arrivals beforehand.

2017 STID Teaching Days in Sophia Antipolis

In order to reflect on the educational aspects of STID teaching, we want to say – Thank You to the Sophia Antipolis for hosting the 2017 STID Teaching Days where 40 teachers from various departments congregated enthusiastically.

Publication of job offers

Two forums have been created to commence the function of the old site.

  1. The first forum is dedicated to job offers where the students will get insights on different job posting and job news.
  2. The second forum will enlighten and inform the students about internship program and work-study offers.

Group STID France on LinkedIn

Aside from the forum, STID France has opened a dedicated group on LinkedIn where all students can get along with themselves and the alumnus of the STID France. If you go through the following link, you can access the group.

When it comes to publishing a new job post or an internship offer, you should not hesitate to follow or post on the group. You can even discuss new topics or project works regarding decision-making statistics on the group.

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France Is Paving More Than 600 Miles of Road With Solar Panels

France Is Paving More Than 600 Miles of Road With Solar Panels

February 7, 2017

The Wattway Road (a 0.6-mile stretch) has opened its first section in Normandy this week. Over course of the next two years, the road will be tested for its accuracy. According to the France’s Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea, they are expecting to generate sufficient power to light the city, which has 5,000 citizens.

France’s minister of Ecology and Energy has announced it will work hard to ensure the country has 621 miles of road with solar panels within the next five years. In fact, the main goal is to provide economical and renewable energy solution to five million people.

France Is Paving More Than 600 Miles of Road With Solar PanelsThis 621 miles road is called as ‘the Wattway.’ The Colas (French road-building company) and the National Institute of Solar Energy have combined their resources to make this unique road in France. Colas has spent more than five years to develop numerous solar panels. According to David Rogers (a reporter for Global Construction Review), these panels are 25-inch thick and they are solid enough to withstand any heavy highway traffic as well. Even they will not make the roads slippery or break them apart completely. Not to mention the panels are designed in a way that you can install them on top of the existing roadways smoothly. Therefore, they are cheap and easy-to-install.

Colas CEO Hervé Le Bouc has talked with Myriam Chauvot who works for the French magazine Les Echoes. During the interview, he said –“There is no need to rebuild infrastructure. At Chambéry and Grenoble, was tested successfully on Wattway a cycle of 1 million vehicles, or 20 years of normal traffic a road, and the surface does not move.”

According to Fiona MacDonald of ScienceAlert, the solar panels are made of a thin polycrystalline silicon film. They are coated with a layer of resin, which will give the much-needed endurance and strength to the panels. Since the panels are thin, they are adaptable to the tiny changes on the surface of the pavement for the slight temperature shifts. Even Colas has remarked that the panels are snowplow-proof, making them more endurable than any other solar panels.

France Is Paving More Than 600 Miles of Road With Solar PanelsNow, France is not only the first country to have its own solar panel roads. In 2015, the Netherlands opened a 229-foot-long road, paved with solar panels. This road is a test road for future projects. Even a couple from Idaho launched a Kickstarter project in 2014 and raised $2 million. They got a contract from Federal Highway Administration to create their own solar roadways. In comparison to these roads, the solar panel road in France has been the first project where the solar panels have been laid directly on the top of the prevailing roads.

Many environmentalists have pointed that building roads with solar panels is an exciting idea. According to Colas, the mastermind behind the project has said that with 215 square feet of Wattway is more than sufficient to provide power to a single French home. However, some researchers have been skeptical about the idea. They have said that solar roads are more efficient and more economical than these rooftop solar panel roads.

There reasoning behind this statement is the photovoltaic glass will have difficulties in competing with the cheaper asphalt. Andrew Thomson has pointed out that the rooftop panels are better suited for possible sunlight. Additionally, the solar roadways are more slippery than traditional roadways. Therefore, there remains a safety concern regardless of the amount of power it generates. Here is what he exactly said – “For solar roadways to be effective, it needs a complete technological rethink.”

As of now, the authorities have been moving with this project and they will start laying the foundation of Wattway Road in spring.

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Best Universities In France In 2017

10 Best Universities In France In 2017

January 3, 2017

France is ranked in the top five destination for high-quality education for international students. With more than 90 universities, offering comprehensive study programs in almost all disciplines including business, engineering, research institutes, France is definitely a great country to finish your bachelors or masters. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the 10 best universities in France in 2017. So, let’s move on and find out about them in brief.

Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (ENS Paris)

Best Universities In FranceIn 2017, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (ENS Paris) was ranked among the best universities in France. It is also the 43rd best university in the world as well. Established in 1793, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (ENS Paris) is a prestigious university with strong focus on humanity and science subjects. This university boasts 13 Nobel Laureates and philosophers including Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault.

Ecole Polytechnique (ParisTech)

Best Universities In FranceRanked as the 59th university in 2018, Ecole Polytechnique is a founding member of the ParisTech collegiate university. The university specializes in business and science courses and it is located just 30 km outside the Paris City Center. Ecole Polytechnique has 120 acres of lush green spaces, which houses more than 4,600 students to be educated from this institution.

Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)

Best Universities In FranceUniversité Pierre et Marie Curie or better known as the UPMC was established in 1971 out of University of Paris. With 34,000 students, this university is the biggest scientific and medical complex in France. It has been ranked as the 131st university where 20% of the total students are international students.

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Best Universities In FranceÉcole NormaleSupérieure de Lyon has an impressive ranking with 157th position among the world’s best university. It’s a leading university where researchers and trainers are taught science and humanity subjects with distinction.


Best Universities In FranceCentraleSupélec was merged with École Centrale Paris and the Supélec graduate school of engineering in 2015. This university got 164th ranking in 2018, which focuses on research-intensive French universities.

Sciences Po

Best Universities In FranceSciences Po is a specialized university, which teaches economic, social science, law, history, and politics subjects. It has retained its position of 220th among the best universities in the world. Sciences Po has more than 13,000 students, featuring students from 150 countries. In fact, half of the students are international students.

Université Grenoble-Alpes

Best Universities In FranceUniversité Grenoble-Alpes was established in January 2016, which is in fact, a new university in the list of the best universities in the world. It has been ranked at 236th position. Even though a new institution but this university has a rich history, which dates back to 1339 in the form of Pierre Mendès-France University.

Université Paris-Sud 11

Best Universities In FranceA Parisian university, which has four campuses throughout southern suburbs Paris, Université Paris-Sud 11 is a famous university. It teaches mathematics and science courses to its native and international students. It was ranked 242nd in the world in 2018.

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Best Universities In FranceAs a result of the separation of the University of Paris, 13 universities were formed and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne is one of those universities. Currently, this university is one of the biggest universities in France where more than 40,000 students take teaching from respected teachers and scholars. In 2018, the university will merge with UPMC to establish Sorbonne University.

École des Ponts ParisTech

Best Universities In FranceThe last university on our list is the École des Ponts ParisTech. Though this university is a small one, it has been ranked as the 270th university in the world. The founding member of the university is ParisTech.

Bottom Line

All the above universities in France are famous for delivering high-quality education to its students including international students. So, if you think we have missed any top university, please let us know by commenting below.

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Massage Therapists vs. Massage Chairs

Massage Therapists vs. Massage Chairs

June 10, 2016

Who doesn’t love to get massages but the thing is we don’t have much time to go to a massage therapist due to work and family commitment. However, since technology has changed our lives, we can now a have massage at our home. Now, the question that arises – how do you get a massage at home? Well, if you have a massage chair, you could just sit and get a fine massage session at your convenient time. At this point, you might be wondering – are massage therapist is not a good solution?

To make things easier for you, we are going to compare and contrast between a massage therapist and a massage chair to ensure you can understand the finer details of both of these options. So, let’s move forward and read the article carefully.

Massage Therapists vs Massage Chair: Which is better?

Massage Therapists vs. Massage ChairsWhen you compare a massage therapist and a massage chair to get the answer – ‘which is better?’ you have to understand that a massage chair cannot replace a massage chair in many aspects. For example – with a massage therapist, you would get a human touch, which releases endorphins. These endorphins will relieve your stress and they would bring the same feeling of cuddling with your partner.

Furthermore, a massage therapist can offer you specific and personalized massage treatment. In fact, they will communicate with you to make sure your muscles are relieved from pressure. As for a massage chair, they can also provide you with an individualized massage treatment. You just have to set the parameters using a remote control and it will start treating you with various massage programs. For instance – you can target specific muscle groups for your massage sessions. Most importantly, you won’t have to deal with miscommunication like you can have with a massage therapist. In truth, a massage chair will do exactly what you will ask for it.

In that sense, a massage therapist and a massage chair have greater benefits for specific situations.

Massage Therapists vs. Massage Chairs: The Goods and the Bads

Massage Therapists vs. Massage ChairsBelow, you will find the pros and cons of using a massage therapist and massage chairs –

Massage Therapists: The Goods

  1. According to studies, the human touch is significant any kind of massage therapy. The physical touches send signals to the nervous systems and endocrine system. Both of these activate various neurons. Thus, they release stress by relieving the hormones to ease off the pain.
  2. A massage therapist can warm up the body using some lotion or oil. This technique can help the nervous system to relax and activate the neurons, which warm up the muscles. Thus, they prepare the muscles for an actual therapy session.

Massage Therapists: The Bads

  1. If you want a massage therapy in the middle of a night, you would not find one. Therefore, massage therapists are not available all the time.
  2. Most of us are busy in our lives with either work or study. In that case, we cannot find the right time out of our busy schedule to go to a massage therapist. This is one of the biggest problems of going to a massage therapist.

Massage Chairs: The Goods

  1. Massage Therapists vs. Massage ChairsAll massage chairs have built-in personalized programs, which will help you target the specific problem areas of your body’s muscles.
  2. Massage chairs are easy-to-use and you can use them at any time at your home.
  3. Massage chairs are also comfortable, providing you with appropriate posture to enjoy a relaxing session.

Massage Chairs: The Bads

  1. With a massage chair, you won’t get any human touch. In that case, your nervous system will not function as it will do with a massage therapist.
  2. Massage chairs use an electromagnetic radiation, which can cause cancer. Therefore, massage chairs can do more harm than good.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is it doesn’t matter if you use the services of a massage therapist or get a massage chair to make yourself relax. The only thing that matters is your comfort. So, choose whatever option you like the most and let us know why you would select that option in the comments below.


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Trail Camera Maintenance Tips

Trail Camera Maintenance Tips: Beginners Should Know

September 23, 2015

If you love spending time in wilderness, you might want to capture the precious moments from your wilderness journey. In that sense, a trail camera is a perfect device to take pictures from any place at any time. However, like all devices, a trail camera needs proper and regular maintenance. In fact, without regular maintenance, your device will not last long. In addition, when you go into the wildness, you will see many hazardous environment.  

At the same time, you don’t have to do maintenance every now and then. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the best tips for trail cameras. These tips will help everybody, especially the beginners to do proper maintenance on their device. Let’s move forward and read the article carefully. 

Trail Camera Maintenance Tips Beginners Should Know  

Trail Camera Maintenance TipsLikewise traditional cameras, all trail cameras need cleaning and checking the parts regularly. Also, you have to replace the batteries on a regular interval. However, the trail camera maintenance can be tricky as it involves some sophisticated observations. So, here are some useful tips for trail camera maintenance.  

  1. You must do regular maintenance

As we have said you should do regular maintenance of your trail camera, it is of utmost importance that you do it in the right way with the right equipment.  

  1. You should carry out the maintenance work during the middle of the day

According to the experts, you should carry out your maintenance during the afternoon, which is in the middle of the day. At this time, you will see less activity in the wilderness. On the other hand, the peak hour in the wilderness is the night time and the early morning time. In that case, the middle of the day is when you can do your maintenance. In case, your camera includes a weak battery, it will be better if you take it back to your home to charge your battery.  

  1. You should do your maintenance from outside to the inside

When you are doing maintenance work for your trail camera, it should be from outside to the inside. Initially, you need to scan to look for any sign of exterior damage. After setting up the camera, you can take a picture of anything to make sure you can compare it when you retrieve your camera. It will allow you to do maintenance quickly. 

Also, you should do maintenance for exterior scratches such as saliva or bite marks. You need to clean the lens as they might be dirty. If you see your camera is damaged, you can change the position after setting it up. In addition to these works, you must replace the buckles and straps provided that they are damaged.  

  1. You should do maintenance for pest control

Trail Camera Maintenance TipsPest is sometimes considered as a bigger problem than any other animals. They could easily find their way to inside your camera and damage the wires or internal parts of the camera. In that case, you can spray a layer of the insecticides on your trail camera before going to the wilderness. However, you should buy insecticides, which is odorless. Otherwise, they would scare off the animals instantly.  

  1. You must check battery while doing maintenance

While doing maintenance of trail camera, we often forget about the battery. But, it’s a vital component of your camera. For example – if you are doing a scientific study, your battery needs to be in tip-top condition. So, when you have retrieved your camera, you must check the battery percentage and recharge it before taking to the wilderness. 

  1. You must clean your lens to ensure proper maintenance

Another major component of your camera is the lens. Dirt, dust, saliva can easily affect the quality of your lens. In fact, it will waste your time as you will have a series of blur images from the camera. Therefore, you should pick some microfiber clothes and take some cleaning liquid. After that, you should clean the lens at least once a day to ensure the quality of the image intact.  


We waste our money when we don’t take proper care of our belongings. In that sense, a trail camera is an expensive investment and it has a very short lifespan. So, use our above tips and keep your trail camera in great condition.

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How to Oil a Ceiling Fan

How to Oil a Ceiling Fan

September 3, 2015

If you are an avid user of an electric ceiling fan, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can oil a ceiling fan. And we are pretty sure after reading this article, you will have no qualms about oiling your fan. So, let’s move forward and find out more about how ceiling fan work and how to properly maintain them, you can also learn more about that in this ceiling fan blog.

A ceiling fan is always a great investment for home or for office. It even creates a pleasant environment within the room with its color and design. Since a ceiling fan is a vital component of any household or officer, you need to make sure it is in a tip-top condition. To achieve that you have to maintain it perfectly. To be precise, you need to oil the ceiling fan regularly so that it provides soothing air every day.

Now, oiling an electric fan is not a hard thing to do. It involves a simple procedure where you need to follow some steps. The most amazing thing is if you oil a ceiling accurately, it will run at its optimum capacity. And, the lifespan of the fan will increase dramatically. But, now comes the question – what do you need to oil a ceiling fan? Basically, there are different types of electric fan, which requires different equipment with alternate ways to maintain and repair. The below table includes different types of fans and its required maintenance strategy:

Type of Fan Maintenance Required
Cast iron ceiling fan This type of fan needs periodic oiling like once or twice in a year.
Stack motor fan A stack motor fan requires occasional oil checks with occasional flywheel cleaning for removing dust and general residue buildup.
Direct drive fan Likewise to stack motor fan, a direct drive fan needs occasional oil checks once in a year with motor cleaning once a year.
Belt driven fan This fan need periodic functionality check and belt cleaning like once or twice in a year.
Friction drive fan The friction drive fan requires periodic flywheel and motor cleaning.

Steps to oil a ceiling fan

How to Oil a Ceiling FanStep-one: The first step to oil a ceiling fan is to locate the oil hole. You can locate it by looking on the top of the motor, which is close to the down rod. You can identify it easily as it is labeled.

Step-two: Now, you should insert the WD-40 straw into the oil hole and spray a specific amount of oil. It will remove the dirt or grime from the bearings. After that, you have to allow the WD-40 to dry and thus, evaporate for one or two hours before beginning your work.

Step-three: At this stage, you will fill out the oil reservoir with one or two ounces of oil.

Step-four: In the next step, you will spin the rotor manually, which rotating the blades with your hand. You have to let the fan spin for several revolutions.

Step-five:In the last step, you will fill out the reservoir completely with oil until it gets full to its capacity. You have to be careful and watch attentively to ensure you are not pouring oil out of the reservoir. When the reservoir is full, it will overflow onto the top of the motor. In that case, you will have to wipe off any excess oil using a dry cloth.

Bottom Line

The bottom Line is a ceiling fan needs proper maintenance for delivering a strong performance. All you need is to follow the right procedure and using the equipment accurately. We believe the above steps will help you in oiling your ceiling fan. So, let us know what you think about the oiling procedure of a ceiling fan by commenting below.

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Hunting and Licences to Hunt in France

Hunting and Licenses to Hunt in France

May 7, 2015

In France, you just can’t go to the jungle and hunt down the animals you like. There are strong measures in effect to avert animal poaching. In fact, if you don’t own a valid license, you can hunt in France. Also, even if you own a license, you will be allowed to hunt on a specific territory. So, in this article, we are going to explain about hunting in France and how you can get a license. Let’s move forward and read the article carefully.

The Hunting Seasons in France

The hunting seasons in France are managed at a regional level. It has been that way to support and balance the ecological demands of the area. Therefore, the opening and closing dates of the hunting seasons depend heavily on the animal species and the département. Typically, the hunting season starts in September and it remains open until the end of the February. However, the regional préfet determines the opening date.

What species can you hunt in France?

Hunting and Licences to Hunt in FranceThe authority has available around 15% of all the animal species for hunting purposes. This includes 64 species of birds and 24 species of mammals.

How can you obtain a hunting license in France?

If you wish to obtain a hunting license (permis de chasser), you have to pass a theoretical and a practical exam first. Both exams are organized by the National Hunting and Wildlife Agency (Office National de Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage or ONCFS). Anyone can take part in this exam all year round.

What’s more, taking preparation for these exams are not difficult as you have to enroll yourself into an obligatory course. You can’t participate in the practical exam if you don’t pass the theoretical exam. Also, you have to be at least 15 years of age and if you fail once, you will have to start over again.

What about the application procedures?

At first, you need to communicate with the Departmental Hunting Federation (Fédération Départementale des Chasseurs)., The authority from the federation will inform you about the probable dates of enrolling in the training sessions. You will also get dates for both theory and practical exams at least 15 days in advance. When you have finished training courses, the federation will send an application to the ONCFS. You have to submit the following documents for the application:

  1. Photocopy of ID including passport or identity card or driving license
  2. Complete registration fee

What about the exams?

Hunting and Licences to Hunt in FranceIf you are sitting for theory exam, you will have to answer 21 questions. These questions are based on the following themes:

  1. Wildlife knowledge: It includes the knowledge of hunting games, animal biology, and the way of life.
  2. Hunting knowledge: It includes diverse hunting techniques and use of hunting dogs and hunting jargons.
  3. Knowledge of hunting Laws: This knowledge includes all the rules and regulations related to hunting laws.
  4. Knowledge of Arms and munitions: This knowledge includes the sound know-how of using the arms and munitions.

If you wish to pass the exam, you need to give 16 correct answers out of 21 questions. Most importantly, out of the 16 correct questions, you must answer two correct questions related to security. The inspectors of the ONCFS will issue the certificate of passing. After that you can apply for the practical exam. You will have 18 months to prepare for the practical exam, which includes three parts:

  1. Simulation of hunting and shooting with blanks
  2. Target shooting test including black targets. These targets represent species, which you can hunt. The red targets features protected species or animals, which you can’t hunt in France.
  3. Shooting a moving target

Bottom Line

The bottom line you have to humble and honest while taking the hunting exams. Any discrepancies or dangerous behavior will disqualify you from the exam. Thus, you will not be able to obtain the hunting license.

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BB Gun Or Airsoft Gun

BB Gun Or Airsoft Gun: Which Is the Best for Hunting?

May 6, 2014

When it comes to choosing a specific gun between an airsoft and BB gun, you might have split choices. The thing is both guns are useful for hunting but they serve different purposes. So, in this article, we are going to talk about these guns in detail and put forward an expert opinion on which is the best gun for hunting. So, let’s have a peek at the article.

What Is An Airsoft Gun?

BB Gun Or Airsoft GunAlthough an airsoft gun has similar ties to traditional BB guns, they have unique differences from them. An airsoft gun is much more effective from distance. This type of gun is more powerful and dangerous as well. In fact, you will see replicas of a wide range of real guns.

What Is a BB gun?

A BB gun is an air-powered gun, which shoots round. Sometimes, it can have pointed pellets, which are made of metal. If you use a BB gun, you can shoot farther than an airsoft gun. They are specifically used for hunting, especially the birds.

The major differences between a BB gun and an Airsoft gun

  1. BB Gun Or Airsoft GunBB guns have been used to hunt birds and animals for a long time, which why they are called ‘BB gun.’ However, a lot of people label airsoft guns as BB guns as they shoot a plastic BB. But, they are not called by the same name as it is inherited for BB guns.
  2. All BB guns have a shooting range of 4.5 mm or .177 caliber steel BB. However, some guns have lead BBs.
  3. BB guns are also used for target practice and training sessions. In addition, people used them for pest control.
  4. All airsoft guns have a shooting range of 6mm plastic BB. Here, the weight depends on the type of work in which they are being used. You will also see large caliber airsoft gun, but they are not regularly used for hunting.
  5. Airsoft guns are a popular choice for any type of tactical simulation games. But, people also used them to practice and train shooting. Even IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) arranges Airsoft leagues and competitions for professional hunters.
  6. For propulsions, both the BB and Airsoft guns utilize Gas or CO2, and Air. They are made of different materials, which is dependent on the grade and purpose of using the gun.

BB gun vs. Airsoft gun: Which gun is safer?

Comparatively, an airsoft gun is safer than a BB gun. The reason is a BB gun shoots an ammo at a faster rate than an airsoft gun. Now, this ammo is made of sharp materials, which can pierce any skin. In fact, with a right amount of ammo, speed, and placement, the BB gun will kill both humans and animals. They have tendencies for ricocheting. On the other hand, an airsoft gun will not kill anyone as the ammo within the gun is made of soft plastic. For this reason, airsoft guns are much safer than a BB gun. They are very popular among the hunters for their safety and appeal.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is both the BB gun and the airsoft gun are extremely useful. Although they have a different price range, they serve unique hunting purposes. People will have a varied opinion about them but we would like you to consider the above differences and reflect on our opinion highly. So, let us what you think of these guns by sharing thoughts in the comments section!

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Types Of Gun Safes

Types of Gun Safes

April 20, 2014

Types Of Gun SafesWe all know that guns can protect us from any kind of danger, especially from robbers and intruders. Knowing this fact makes the gun more important than any other thing as you also have to keep and maintain it properly as well. In addition, when you keep a gun at your home, you must keep it in a place which is not easily accessible. With that being said, only a gun safe can keep your gun safe. With a gun safe, you can easily lock it up in a safe place while restricting any unauthorized access. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the 10 types of gun safes, which you can buy for keeping your gun locked at your home. So, let’s move forward and read the article carefully.

Biometric Gun Safe

A biometric gun safe is one of the most advanced gun safes in the world. With a biometric gun safe, you can keep your gun while maintaining a maximum level of security. A biometric gun safe works utilizing your fingerprints, meaning that the probability of having the same fingerprints is about 1 in 64 million. In that sense, your fingerprints will work as an access code, which is also an extremely low-risk alternative.

Fireproof and Waterproof Gun Safe

A fireproof and waterproof gun safe is always handy since a fireproof gun safe is made of steel. As a matter of fact, a fireproof gun safe made of steel will only melt at a temperature of 2750F. Therefore, you can easily store your precious item at home.

In-Wall Gun Safe

In-wall gun safe is mounted on the wall and it doesn’t function like other portable safe alternatives. However, you can use this type of gun safes for various purposes such as keeping your stationery items along with your gun. Additionally, if you keep your gun with other items, you can keep it hidden properly. The only drawback of this gun safe is you cannot move it into other paces. Other than this thing, an in-wall gun safe comes with a wide range of locking options including an electric keypad, combination lock, fingerprint, etc.

Hidden Gun Safe

Types Of Gun SafesWhen you buy a hidden gun safe, you will wonder – is it a gun safe? Because a hidden gun safe doesn’t appear as a gun safe. Often, it looks like a regular piece of furniture. The thing is s hidden gun safe is made in such a way that it won’t attract anyone attention. For example – a hidden gun safe can appear as a mirror or a picture frame. With a hidden gun safe, you can keep your gun hidden in plain sight.

Car Gun Safe

Likewise the in-home bolt down safes, a car gun safe is not secure as this type of safe. But if you consider your unsecured glove box, you must use it as they will keep your gun secure. Typically, a car gun safe is designed for a single handgun and they are a good alternative for traveling on the road.

Under the Bed Gun Safe

A gun safe like the under the bed gun safe will act as a sliding drawer beside your bed. You can hold or keep this type of gun underneath your bed as well. The installation is easy and you can retrieve your gun quickly from an under the bed gun safe.

Heavy Duty Gun Safe

A heavy-duty gun safe has a weight of more than 1200 lbs. For this reason, a not even big group of thugs can store your heavy duty gun safe. As for the security, a heavy duty gun safe is equipped with a total of 18 (1-1/2 inch) solid steel bolts. These bolts are matched with a gear drive lock system, which makes them more powerful against punching or drill attacks.

Corner Gun Safe

Types Of Gun SafesA corner gun safe is like a traditional gun safe, but it is designed to sit directly in the corner of a room. In case, you cannot install a wall safe or if you don’t have space in your room, you can buy and install a corner gun safe easily.

Truck Gun Safe

With a truck gun safe, you can keep your gun hidden in your truck. However, the truck gun safes are more useful for keeping handguns and rifles.

Nightstand Gun Safe

A nightstand gun safe is a small handgun safe, which works a double hidden gun safe. It’s secure, hidden, and easily accessible.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above-mentioned gun safes serve different purposes and they are effective in their own right. Regardless of which gun safe, you will choose, you will always be able to keep your gun safe in them. So, let us know which gun safe you would prefer by commenting below.

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